If you were away from hockey and Canes and Coffee the past 5-6 days, I posted a few links to CandC’s Carolina Hurricanes prospect camp coverage at the bottom.

And if you were far far away from Hurricanes territory and detached from the internet this week, the big news this week was the Carolina Hurricanes prospect camp. The 4-day reprieve from a long hockey-less summer featured all 9 of the Hurricanes 2016 draft choices plus another 18 prospects on the ice at PNC Arena for practice and training.

Since the prospect camp is not something covered directly at the national hockey media level, I am going to both offer some reading and also use it as an opportunity to highlight other Canes-centric media sources.

Let me start by offering the disclaimer that I am NOT the best source for knowing what is out there for Canes coverage. My Canes hobby that starts with watching the team like a fan and follows up with running Canes and Coffee takes enough of my hobby time that it limits other things including keeping up on what everyone else is writing. I actually think that is a good thing because it keeps my thoughts a bit more independent and less likely to just converge on what others are thinking. Along those lines, let me also apologize to anyone that I missed in pulling this together fairly quickly on Saturday night. My hope is to publish a similar menu of Canes coverage closer to the start of the regular season. If I missed you or if you know of a quality Hurricanes news/analysis source that I missed who should be included, please ping me on Twitter or send me a quick email.


The North State Journal

For who are not familiar with it, the North State Journal is a newer (beginning of 2016) North Carolina newspaper that exists only in digital format and Sunday print right now but will be expanding to a 5-day print edition. I am a huge fan of supporting North State Journal’s Hurricanes coverage for 3 reasons. First, it provides a second/alternative mainstream media source that is at least neutral if not slightly positive-leaning toward our hockey team. Second, having Hurricanes hockey coverage in mainstream media is vital to connecting with new fans and also fans who have wandered away from the team. We need more of these people in seats next to us at PNC Arena. Finally, the primary writer for Hurricanes hockey there is a good one. Cory Lavalette covered the team for Canes Country for a long time prior to joining NSJ, knows the team and provides solid reporting.

Today Cory Lavalette wrote about Bean and Gauthier’s signings with quotes from both players.

Earlier this week Cory Lavalette profiled 3 Canes prospects all from the Kingston Frontenacs.


Canes Country

Do not quote me because I am not sure where official records are kept, but Canes Country is probably the longest running Hurricanes hockey blog. Bob Wage has done a wonderful job over there through up and down times with the Hurricanes for more than 10 years now.

‘NotOpie’ offers his thoughts on the scrimmage in this post.


Section 328

Likely the rowdiest section from the loudest house in the NHL has a podcast that mixes Canes hockey, booze reviews, tailgating and sometimes other chicanery. The podcast which is roughly weekly during the hockey season is a staple for Canes fans, especially those who prefer to listen instead of reading.

Section 328’s most recent podcast just prior to the draft is here.


Dobber Prospects – Kevin LeBlanc

Kevin is local but tracks NHL prospect level players in much greater depth that the rest of us who research it or just only read a bunch of articles right before and after the draft. Dobber Prospects is a great site for broader NHL prospect coverage, but if you only want Hurricanes prospect information, the best thing to do is follow him on Twitter at @kleblanchockey.

Kevin LeBlanc’s 30-in-30 for the Hurricanes profiled all of the Hurricanes 2016 draft picks.


News & Observer

Everyone who is a local Carolina Hurricanes fan is obviously familiar with the News & Observer and its Canes hockey coverage. In terms of something new, I recommend tracking Ben Pope. He is a sports intern at the N&O this summer following his first year in college. I view him and a couple other young Hurricanes writers as our media prospect pool to both grow our depth and increase our quality of local Hurricanes media coverage with young talent just like is happening with the team on the ice.

This week Ben Pope wrote a great profile/feature on Jake Bean who was the Hurricanes first pick (#13 overall) in the 2016 NHL draft.


Technician (North Carolina State student newspaper) – Andrew Schnittker

Also local, also from the young hockey writers prospect pool and a room mate to boot is North Carolina State’s student newspaper, The Technician. Sports content is obviously heavy on NC State athletics, but occasional coverage of Canes hockey is also solid. Also somewhat similar to my points on North State Journal, I see supporting and Andrew and others’ effort to include Hurricanes hockey as a great way to grow our young, soon to be working and with more disposable income part of our fan base.

Andrew Schnittker and David Kehrli recently wrote about the Hurricanes draft and early free agent signings.


The Hockey Writers – Brett Finger

There are a couple people that cover the Hurricanes at The Hockey Writers, but sticking with my theme of supporting young, local Hurricanes sports journalism prospects, I will call out Brett Finger. He has already logged significant experience covering the team despite just entering college this fall.

Brett Finger has not written about prospect camp, but his most recent Hurricanes post covered the Matt Tennyson signing.


Canes Chatter

Canes Chatter is the newest independent Carolina Hurricanes hockey web site that I am aware of. I cannot vouch for the site personally yet, but at a more basic level, I continue to think that we need more Hurricanes hockey coverage and should give new sites a fair chance. In addition, my fun but also challenging summer of 2015 getting Canes and Coffee launched is still fresh in my mind, so I can empathize with how much work it is trying to get started.

J.T. Shepard’s most recent post covered the signing of Bean and Gauthier and started to look forward to September’s NHL training camp.



My links to recaps by day for the Hurricanes prospect camp are below for anyone who missed them.

Day 1 – Wednesday

Day 2- Thursday

Day 3 – Friday

Preview for prospects scrimmage

Day 4 – Saturday (Scrimmage)

Reader poll on scrimmage


Go Canes!

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