Happy New Year Caniacs! 2017 is our year!

I and Canes and Coffee in total is still running on a holiday schedule. Between that and mostly seeing 3 days disappear this week with everyone in my my house sick with the stomach flu, I did minimal Canes reading and collecting to pull together a Sunday Canes Chronicle. So those looking for the usual roundup of external news will need to wait until possibly tonight or tomorrow or otherwise maybe next week.

For those who have similarly been busy with the holidays over the past couple weeks, here is a short menu of recommended Canes and Coffee posts from the past couple weeks.


Jeff Skinner

On December 21, I offered a detailed history on the “The maturation of Jeff Skinner.”


Sebastian Aho

On the front end of the holiday season, I offered a few short thoughts on Sebastian Aho after seeing him for nearly half of a season in a Hurricanes uniform.


Carolina Hurricanes/PNC Arena NC craft beer options

Have you ever wanted a comprehensive tour of what is available in terms of local beer at PNC Arena? Before the Vancouver game, I toured PNC Arena with NC Beer Guys who made this video. Dave and Glenn from NC Beer Guys also offered their suggestions for local craft beer options for a variety of Canes hockey situations both inside and outside of PNC Arena in this DCoJ post.


Trying to glean ideas from the Pittsburgh Penguins’ successful rebuilding process

Prior to Wednesday’s match up against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, I took a look at how the Penguins rebuilt their team and what, if anything, the Hurricanes might learn from it.


Carolina Hurricanes’ weaknesses to date

This post from December 29 looks at the Hurricanes’ 2 interrelated Achilles’ heels through roughly the first half of the season.


Love current direction of team

Finishing on a positive note, this article details “8 things I really like about the Carolina Hurricanes right now.”


The next edition of the Sunday Canes Chronicle will get back to the original format of sharing great Canes articles from outside of Canes and Coffee.


Go Canes!


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