Yesterday, I posted detailed thoughts on Monday’s trade that sent Calvin de Haan and Alekski Saarela to the Chicago Blackhawks for goalie Anton Forsberg and defenseman Gustav Forsling. If you missed it, you can find that HERE.

John Jaeckel who is the Chicago Blackhawks Head Writer and Podcast Co-Host for was kind enough to share his insight on Forsling and Forsberg.


John Jaeckel’s thoughts on Anton Forsberg and Gustav Forsling

Canes and Coffee: What do you see as Gustav Forsling’s strengths and weaknesses as an NHL defenseman? In what type of role could you see him thriving? In what type of role might he be in over his head?

John Jaeckel: Good skater, very good point shot, pretty physically willing for his size. Tended to overhandle the puck in his end when he first came up—often with disastrous consequences. Seems behind his man a lot yet he is mobile, so it appears his issues are often positioning-related. He has physical ability, needs more time and perhaps a new coaching voice.


Canes and Coffee: How would you assess Forsling in terms of being a capable NHL power play player?

John Jaeckel: Possible, but more of a shooter (he can blast it) than an innate QB/setup guy.


Canes and Coffee: Do you have any thoughts on how Forsling’s skill set might or might not fit with Trevor van Riemsdyk on a third pairing?

John Jaeckel: TVR, with his relative skills, could be a decent complement to Forsling.


Canes and Coffee: How would you evaluate Anton Forsberg in terms of being a capable NHL backup?

John Jaeckel: That was how the Hawks envisioned him in 2017-18 before Corey Crawford went down for the season and the wheels came off the defense. Forsberg was thrust into an awful situation. He has talent but he is very high-low mentally/emotionally. When he’s on and confident, he can be very solid. But he goes into funks and will occasionally have an inexplicably horrible game. He, perhaps even more so than Forsling, could benefit from a change of scenery. Classic, low-movement Swedish butterfly style. When he’s on, will very aggressively cut off angles. Very good size. His main issue is mental.


Canes and Coffee extends a big thank you to John Jaeckel for sharing his insight with the Canes and Coffee community.



Go Canes!

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