Expect a fairly active bye week at Canes and Coffee

Next week should actually be a fairly busy week at Canes and Coffee despite the 5-day lay off for the team. Cory Fogg and Andrew Schnittker are both working on feature articles that should be interesting. Jordan Futrell will have his usual weekly ‘Checking In’ article from Charlotte and also possibly a series that takes a deeper dive on the Canes prospects in the AHL if Jordan and I can get our ducks in a row. Another set of ‘Midterms’ that check in on Canes prospects below the AHL should also appear throughout the week. And surely we will find something to bandy around in the Coffee Shop in Monday and probably Thursday too. And with a break in the hockey action, I am promising myself that I will send another email newsletter and think of some kind of sneak preview to include on the trade deadline or something else. So despite the lack of action on the ice, the site should still be pretty active.


Also another round of user articles!

Also, with a 5-day respite from the day-to-day upkeep of previews, watching games and post-games, I wanted to do another short round of reader submitted articles.

We did this in the summer with some wonderful results:

“How I became a Canes fan” by Matt Somma

“Faulk’s World Cup snub was stupid, but should we care?” by Justin Ryan

“My favorite year” by Bill Dowey

“Is it Julien Gauthier time in Raleigh?” by Cory Fogg

“5 things every Caniac should have or get” by @IronCaniac


So here is your chance to write (or even just yammer) about Canes hockey

Are you an aspiring Canes writer or just a yammerer like me with something to say? If so, here is your chance.

Please send or share your article to Canes and Coffee via email (canesandcoffee at gmail dot com). In the email, please write a simple disclaimer that “I understand that my article will be posted on the Canes and Coffee web site, that Canes and Coffee will then have rights/ownership to this content and that as a guest writer, I understand that I will not be compensated for my article.” Please also include a short 2-4-sentence Canes-centric bio.

For the summer version, there were no guide lines or pre-approval of topics and that worked really well to generate articles from different angles and on different topics. Since that worked well, this round will be the same.

Ideal would be to have a few articles over the weekend to post early next week, but the fuzzy deadline will be Tuesday, so we can select and post a few during the week.


Thank you to the Canes and Coffee community!

Finally, I would like to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who spends some of their Hurricanes hockey time at Canes and Coffee and also a huge thank you to everyone who helps promote the site on social media or just by mentioning it to a friend or acquaintance here and there.


Thanks and Go Canes!

Matt Karash


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