In rounding up articles for Canes and Coffee’s “Local Hockey Saturday,” I reached out to Trevor Lenzmeier who covers UNC Hockey for Carolina Hockey Central with the hope of having him write a guest article summarizing the Tar Heels’ season on the ice.

He pointed me to a great article doing exactly that at Carolina Hockey Central. And after reading it and recognizing that it was an A effort, I did not have the heart to ask him to write it again.

So for a great recap of UNC Hockey’s 2016-17, please check out Trevor’s article HERE.

Canes and Coffee congratulates the Tar Heels on a great 2016-17 season and also extends a big thank you to Trevor for his help for “Local Hockey Saturday” and also covering the “Backyard Brawl” against NC State at PNC Arena.


For more on our day of local hockey, please also check out today’s recap of the Junior Hurricanes playing in the Quebec Pee Wee tourney and also a season summary for NC State hockey.

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