For 2 consecutive weeks, I have had ambitious plans to do either a Saturday or Sunday morning post that pulls a nice reading list from other sites, sort of like a ‘Canes Chronicle’ for morning reading on the weekend. Both weeks I have not found the time to do it because of my regular writing and the number of other things going on with Canes and Coffee much of which pushes to late at night on the weekend. And on top of that, my external reading and hunting for good Canes coverage on the internet is at an all-time low right now anyway because I am already about neck deep in time I am spending with Canes stuff and just cannot make the time.

And then at the end of last week, the hockey gods sent a message of the importance for all of us to promote and support quality sports coverage when ESPN shut down Grantland.

So I am seeking to build a small team of people to help recommend/compile some of the best Canes coverage from the internet each week. The emphasis on stuff outside of the regular blogs/news sources that cover the team daily. I think I will include a best of from other Canes sites, but most of us read those regularly anyway.

Are you someone who tracks Hurricanes hockey news throughout the internet?

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes each week to help recommend/compile a good weekly Canes reading list for other fans?

If you please email us at canesandcoffee at gmail . com.


Thanks and Go Canes!

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